How To Pick The Correct Paint For The House?

It’s about tone, force and making a harmony between style and capacity.

Painting is like clothes for your walls. It can generate a state of mind, define how it looks and also influence the perception of space.

“Painting can make a quieter space, more exciting and feel more spacious, but what generates balance is the right tone, intensity and amount of paint,” said Deborah Wecselman, founder of DWD Inc., a firm of interior design based in Miami.

The color is subjective. And the reaction of people even to the same tonality may differ.

“Some people are fine with dark spaces and feel that this is their environment, others need light and feel more spacious,” Wecselman said.

“When it comes to choosing paint, remember that there is no right or wrong choice, the painting is personal, and it’s about what feels right for your own home,”

Take your color tones from these tips from professionals.

Analyze the space

“When you select paint tones, you must first understand the architecture of the space, as well as its function: consider the height, the source of light and if there is any interest regarding architectural detail.

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