How To Select The Perfect Paint For The House?

“Striking colors feel better in spaces that need to ‘get attention.’ A dresser is a good test ground. The children’s rooms are also fun to experiment with color.

“To create cohesion, the common areas of a house or a department must work together; you can always introduce a different tone or complement any adjacent space, one way to bring another aspect to a room is with an accent color. focus on an area – the wall behind a bed, the ceiling, or the doors and finishes of a room. “

-Deborah Wecselman, founder of DWD INC, based in Miami

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Think of the color about the room

“If you start a room from scratch, it is much easier to combine the colors of the painting with the main design elements that you have already fallen in love with: kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity, a floor or a bedroom quilt For example, if you have found a particular tone that you want in your room, it can also provide a great base to inspire your other design options.

“To help you improve the tone, create a temporary board where you piece together each design element, a tile or wood sample, a pillowcase, protruding accessories or pieces of art, and choose a paint color that matches the entire room, instead of finding a perfect match, go to a reciprocal tone or a lighter or darker variant to finish the look.

“The color of the paint can set the mood, so it’s essential first to spend time in the room before you imagine how you want it to feel it. In general, soft neutrals impart a sense of relaxation and can open an office. Bright colors add energy while earthy tones can feel protective.

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